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Plumbing What we do best

At Orange Plumbing Service Los Angeles we share a LOVE of service by squeezing out the best service to all our customers in the Los Angeles area. No matter what your plumbing needs are we bring our daily dose of POWER “C’s

  • Communicating
  • Caring
  • Convenience



All our plumbing technicians are fully trained and certified to take on any plumbing job we assign to them and are supervised by a master plumber. We never leave our customers in the dark. That’s why we always explain to our customers in as much detail as possible the process did we take to get the job done.



Everything that we do is written in our contract and we always make sure that we have authorization from you before we begin any work. Our service is affordable and we do not over change our customers. We also educate our customers about the job that we are going to perform and never leave our customers in the blind. You will know exactly what we will be doing ever step of the way.

What Makes Orange Plumbing Service

Oh Sooooo Good?


Highly Trained

We are well trainedto handle any kind of job you’ve got. Put the wrench down and call us!


Eco Friendly

Our goal is to keep your water clean and the planet green so we save paper by going digital.


Uniformed Techs

We have professional employees and we ensure that your home is clean when we are working!


Hassle Free

The staff at Orange Plumbing  are friendly and are ready to make your life easier!


Orange Plumbing Services specializes in commercial buildings and industrial structures in the Los Angeles area. We are certified to take care of all levels of plumbing. Plumbing code violations can affect business and/ or stop it in its tracks. Call us and we guarantee to get you going. Give Orange plumbing a call and get FRESH today.


We are always ready to roll out the orange carpet for all our clients and squeeze the FRESH service. Everyday our plumbing service men and women come into our office ready for another day of FRESHplumbing service just for you.

Is it possible to create a company with smiling faces and faithful long term service people who squeeze out every drop of customer service each and every day in Los Angeles? The answer is yes. You have found that FRESH Los Angeles plumbing services that will fix all your plumbing needs.

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