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Using tiny cameras to find the location of clogs and build-up has become a popular method of plumbing. Now there are cameras made of special materials which are used in the inspection of sewer lines or pipes which are under the ground or in your home’s foundation.

A professionally trained plumber inserts the camera attached to a flexible rod into different length of pipes. These pipes can be anywhere from 2 inches in diameter to 36 inches. The flexible rod allows the highresolution camera to travel through the pipe around bends and corners. The plumber can view the realtime image transmission which allows him to assess the internal condition of the pipe and figure out any potential problems. Camera line inspection allows images to be saved for permanent records.

No Guesswork- While the plumber is watching the images from the camera, the radio transmitters on the camera can be used to record the depth and location of the obstruction, so that he is able to diagnose accurately and solve any drain line concerns. It eliminates all kind of guesswork from plumbing saving you time and a lot of money. The plumber no longer uncovers pipes randomly, damaging property and furnishings instead he knows exactly where to look at and only removes floor tiles from there.

Identify problems- A camera line inspection is great for identifying all sorts of plumbing issues such as root intrusion, broken or misaligned pipe, punctured or corroded drains. It is also useful for identifying grease build-up, leaks, and obstructions. The inspection process can be performed at the end of a plumbing service to ensure that everything is clean and clear.

If you are experiencing repeated drain line backups, slow drains or clogs a camera inspection can help to discover if sewer lines need repair or replacement. This can be especially helpful if you are moving into a new house because it can save you from a headache and expensive repairs after you move in. Orange plumbers have the state-of-art equipment required for camera line inspection, and our plumbers are available to help throughout the week.