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There are numerous reasons for a sink to get clogged in your home; due to accumulated grime and grease, food particles or malfunctioning garbage disposal. However, unclogging a kitchen sink is not a difficult job, and there are simple ways to deal with it. These solutions are discussed below:
• Snake the drain-If the clog is too far down for simple plunging to work then you can call for a professional plumber who will try snaking the drain. What it means is that he will use a hand auger to remove the clog. A hand auger is a long wire of steel or cable that is pushed into the pipes until you can feel the clog. The handle is cranked to twist the snake through the phentermine diet pill. The idea is to keep cranking until you feel the tension in the wire give way. This means that you have broken through the clog. You can begin to reel back the snake and then use cleaning materials to get rid of any mess.
• Plunging the clog- Before you try plunging, make sure to check the garbage disposal is working properly. If you can hear the sound but the impellers are not moving, then it’s a sign that the garbage disposal is jammed. You can use the jam key to move the disposal motor shaft; thus fixing the problem.
Once you are sure, the problem isn’t with the garbage disposal; you can try plunging to unclog the sink.
• Using vinegar solution- You need to take one cup of vinegar boiled in two cups of water and pour it down your kitchen sink. Then you need to add some baking soda down the cheapest sildenafil; which will cause a reaction inside the sink. You will be able to hear a bubbling noise which means that the solution is working. Cover the drain for 30 minutes and after that pour boiling water down it. This will clean any clogs in your kitchen sink and leave it smelling fresh too.