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If a sink is clogged, the first thing to assess is the location of the clog. Usually, clogs are located in the sinks trap or branch drain (U-shaped pipe). It is recommended to keep the drains clean and clear from any foreign particles especially grease and oily items. Oily substances get stuck inside the drain pipe and start building up into a clog. It is easier to prevent a drain blockage than to get rid of it.
You can use boiling hot water and pour it down the drain to clear it from grease and oil. You can also install a strainer in your kitchen and bathroom drains to prevent food particles, oils, hair and soap from entering the sink.
If you notice that the drain is moving slowly, you can use drain opening chemical solutions to fix the problem. You need to be careful because certain drain cleaners are caustic and can damage some pipes. And in case if the drain is completely blocked, the chemical solution can back up into the pipe, creating a hazardous situation. You can take the following steps to repair a clogged sink:
• Try plunging the drain using a flat-bottom plunger for the sink, tub or shower.
• Clean out any hairs by reshaping a metal coat hanger and using its hook. Or you can use a snake to drain the clogged sink.
• If there is a bad odor coming from the drain, try pouring boiling water to eliminate it. If that does not clear up the sink, then it is best to call for professional help.
• You can always try using the vinegar solution but if that does not help than getting a chemical drain opening solution is a good idea. Chemical solutions are stronger and work faster than simple vinegar solution. Be careful not to put all of it in at once because the clog might back up the chemicals into the sink which can lead to a hazardous situation.
Remember to call Orange Plumbers if you have tried everything and the drain is still clogged. Our expert plumbers will come around and fix the problem in the first instance.