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We often neglect to maintain and clean our downspouts especially during autumn when leaves fall and build up in the gutters. During rainstorms and snow, the downspouts can become heavily clogged, and it also causes icicle formations on the roof. Your downspout needs to be clear and functioning at all times so it can prevent your home from flooding. Downspouts help to direct the water away from your home to a dry well or storm drains.

The best way to prevent your home from flooding is to check your gutters and downspouts regularly especially after a windy day. You can climb a ladder and remove any leaves, sticks, and debris that fell into your gutters. If you are finding it difficult to remove all the gunk with your hands, then grab a highpressure hose or use a handheld snake drain. You can use either of them to clear away all the debris from your downspout and gutters. Do not use a power garden snake if your gutters and downspout are made of plastic- as it can damage the delicate material.

Here are a few steps you can take to help with your downspouts plumbing and keep them clear:

    • Clean downspouts regularly to keep rainwater flowing freely.
    • Do not direct water from downspouts towards the driveway as it can freeze there during the winter.
    • Attach an elbow pipe at the end of the downspout and direct it away from the basement of your home.
    • If using a splash block ensure that it slopes away from the house.
    • In extreme conditions, you may need to attach drywall at the end of a perforated pipe which will allow the rainwater to disperse into the ground.

If you find that your downspout issues are more serious than you originally thought or you are not comfortable with heights, consider calling Orange Plumbers. We not only help with downspouts plumbing but offer many outdoor plumbing services that can ensure your home is protected against flooding. Our plumbers are available any time of the day and are just a phone call away.