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At times, residential and commercial properties get seriously clogged drains, you should call Orange Plumbing Service for a FRESH dose of great service and unclog your drain for a great price. The drain cleaning services in our Orange Plumbing department, we not only remove horrible clogs but also specialize in the installation of new drains when necessary or requested.

Our Drain Cleaning Services, give our customers a totally FRESH solution


The device that we use the most would be the drain snake. Is a device made of flexible piano wire that can clear the sewer by rotating though the sewer thesis statement for racism pipe cutting though pipe blockage. It does take training to identify which size candle is need for which blockage. It also takes specialized equipment training and knowledge to get the job done in the most effective way possible to avoiding wasting time and additional damage.

Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Service

Orange Plumbing Services offers internally qualified and industry certified technicians in all professional plumbing specializations. We will advise our customers over the phone or in person, how the problem should be corrected. Our local Los Angeles, CA professional plumbers have specialized in drain clogs and can computer trace or physically trace clogged drains directly to the sewer line.


  • The fixture trap.
  • The main drain.
  • Sharp bends and directional changes in sub pipes.
  • Sewer lines.

We also use a water jetter which is a high-pressure pump to blast away blockages. A water jetter is used when we have a heavy clogged drain especially in commercial situations. Water jetter has been one of the most effective methods at Orange Plumbing Service for a very long time because it can get water to flow freely again.

Drain Cleaning Service is not an easy occupation, we never leave a work area a mess and we always respect our customers home and/ or place of business. At Orange Plumbing Service, our goal is to give FRESH service each time. Our technicians keep the area clean and always use floor mats and boot booties to protect the floors and carpets. They also work speedily but with great excellence to get your water flowing through your drains again. When the work is complete we inform the customer, clean up the workspace, complete a walk-through with the customer to make sure the customer is happy with the work and expediently exit the premises.