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The kitchen is the most commonly used room in our homes; we prepare our food, wash our hands and enjoy our meals there. The kitchen sink plays a crucial role in cooking and cleaning.It must be in working order all the time, and out of all plumbing repairs, a faulty kitchen faucet must be repaired immediately. Otherwise, you will not only struggle to make food and wash dishes, but it will also cause extreme inconvenience.

The most common problem we come across every other day is a leaking kitchen faucet. It happens because faucets have become loose with wear and tear and many times just tightening of the faucet nut or adding a new O ring can help to stop the leak. Other times the sealant around the faucet becomes worn out, requiring a replacement on the inlet or outlet. Our team of Orange Plumbers carries commonly needed parts such as sealants, inlets, outlets and O rings to enable them to fix a leak quickly. However, there are some kitchen faucets which require special parts that can take time to replace or repair. If you call an Orange plumber to fix a leak, he can figure out what parts are required and order them for delivery as soon as possible.

Type of Kitchen Faucets- There are four types of faucets; disc, cartridge, ball, and compression. They differ on the basis of internal mechanisms that allow water to travel through them. When one of our plumbers goes to fix a leaking kitchen faucet, he first identifies what type of faucet is it. The simplest way to ascertain this is by checking how many handles the fixture has. Disc, cartridge, and ball have one single handle that controls both cold and hot temperatures. The ones with two handles are most likely compression handles. To learn about the faucet’s fault, our expert plumber can take apart the inner workings. It allows him to identify the source of the problem and he can quickly work to resolve it, so your family can get back to regular use of the kitchen sink.