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Orange Plumbing Service has been serving the Los Angeles community by installing gas lines for consumers in the area. Our company is fully licensed, insured and bonded for all of the client’s plumbing needs. Dispatchers are on call 24 hours per day and seven days per week. We are ready to serve our clients when disaster strikes. We use quality products. In most instances, we try to use flexible carbon steel to transport natural gas from the exterior gas source to appliances. Flexible steel eliminates the need to cut and piece individual segments of piping together which reduces potential for gas leaks. Carbon steel possesses additives that can withstand certain conditions during element exposure. Tracer wire is often used with flexible carbon steel to notify the gas company when a leak occurs. We can ensure that these lines are working properly.

Polyproylene is produced with thermoplastic polymer. This kind of piping is also mainly used to keep gas in the pipe, but it isn’t best material for transferring gas. Copper is also not preferred in this case even though it’s is an old material. This is because copper is highly conductive and this is not a requirement for natural gas piping. Copper is also not flexible and this makes it less conducive to gas leaks. We avoid using this material, but we can provide copper re-piping services if it’s needed.

Compressors might also be addressed and checked and during the inspections. The compressor puts pressurizes on the valves so the gas is released when it is opened. Technicians can increase the speed of the flow of the gas by adjusting the compressors to make way for fast delivery of gas.

Our plumbers ensure that any one they are working on is well protected before and after they carry out a job on the property. They will get the best gas lines that will deliver energy to your home with putting a hole in your pocket or putting your family in danger.

Orange Plumbing Service is a well-respected brand in the Los Angeles area. Our brand image represents quality service at competitive prices. Our position as one of the best and most reliable plumbers in the Los Angeles area, is one of the reasons why our plumbers focus on providing energy with efficient solutions that are not too expensive.

A lot of home owners fix gas lines for furnaces, gas stoves, fireplaces or other places where gas is needed in the home. Gas lines transport natural energy source safely to your home. Gas lines have to meet required specifications so to ensure that there are no possibilities of a leak that could be harmful to inhabitants. The technician has to make sure that the pipes are well designed to transport gas to the home.

We can help you with the cleaning process of plumbing gas lines for other use or to increase the gas flow. You will find below the various reasons or common symptoms that might require the services of Orange Plumbing Service services:

Resident Smells Gas

If you smell gas, you could shut off the gas valve and call us to address the issue. Gas is odorless and colorless and that’s why Gas companies add a rotten egg smell so residents can detect it when there is a leak.


If you have a leak, we will detect the leak and close the gas line if it has not been completed. Our technician will then dig to locate the gas line and leak. The gas line will be replaced and pressure tested to confirm that there are no more leaks. The site will then be cleaned up and restored back to its previous state after the job is done.

No Hot Water

In cases like this you might need to relit the pilot light, clear the gas line or repair any damage. In cases where the gas line is bad, the vegetation close to it will lose its color or deteriorate. Call our professionals to analyze and determine the extent of the problem.


The type of soul can also contribute to the erosion of a gas line. With time, there is a chance that as a gas link may occur when it is least expected.

What are the Requirements for Installing Gas Lines

The ease of installation is highly dependent on the kind of gas line that is needed and where the gas is located. The process is very simple, but only certified technicians should be allowed to install this.

How Much Can a Typical Gas Line Cost?

A normal gas line cost up to $1,000 and the cost of labor will increase if the gas line is located under a sprinkler system, sidewalk or trees.

Why is Natural Gas Chosen as the Preferred Energy Source?

A lot of chefs prefer natural gas when cooking with a stove top and electric in the oven. This is because electric ovens bake goods more evenly. Natural gas is also the most preferred as it is more environmentally friendly. This fossil fuel possesses 43 percent less carbon dioxide than electricity source which is gotten from coal. This is why a lot of environmentalists support the use of natural gas. 90% of energy is produced by natural gas and transported to customers through gas lines. This is one of the most efficient ways to transport energy to your home.