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Laundry Room Plumbing Call Now : 888.416.7511

Here are a few laundry room plumbing services we provide at the Orange Plumbing Company.

    • Washing machine installation & repair-A malfunctioning washing machine can really limit how much you can get done around the house. An Orange plumber can determine what’s wrong with the machine or install a new one of any brand if you’re ready for a replacement.
    • Cleaning floor drains- Most of the new homes have floor drains in the laundry rooms which can limit damage in case of flooding. If your property is old and does not have a floor drain, then one of our experts can install it for you. Or if your floor drain has become clogged and you have tried everything to unclog it then give us a call, and an Orange plumber will come down in the first instance to help you get rid of the clog.
    • Unblocking drain lines Most washing machines begin to malfunction when the drain lines are clogged with lint build-up or other debris. Orange plumbers are experts in clearing drain lines and returning washing machines to their original condition.
    • Sink & faucet repair- Your sink in the laundry room is used for many heavy duty tasks from cleaning paint to rinsing off muddy shoes. If it gets clogged or is leaking, give us a call to get it fixed.

Maintaining your laundry room plumbing can limit the number of repairs you might need. It is recommended to check your hoses and drains regularly. You can use strainers to keep hair, debris, and lint out of your drain lines.

If you are experiencing flooding, leaky or damaged fixtures in your home’s laundry room, schedule a service with Orange plumbers as soon as possible. We will send a professional plumber along your way who can assess the problem and fix the damage as quickly as possible. He will make sure your laundry room is back up and running in no time. He will also give you handy tips to avoid any problems from arising again.