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Orange Plumbing Services has the best team in the Los Angeles area for leak detection services. Sometimes when you see a unexplained spike on your water bills, that is out of line with the amount of water that your home are company has used in the past you should hire a professional leak detection company. Orange Plumbing Services can investigate whether you have a leak issue. Most of the time a leak may happen around a facet or sink which can still take professional precision equipment to identify.

A water leak can cause an unnecessary expense and can cause a lot of stress. A water leak can cause a lot of damage if not taken care of properly and can enable the growth of (fungus) mold. If you have a leak inside the walls, then you probably have mold growth in your home or business that is hidden and needs to be cleaned up. This is why finding the leak and cleaning the leak up fast is pivotal.

Leak Detection Service from Orange Plumbing Service will find the source of the leak. Provide the customer with a complete report including what needs repairing, repair cost clean-up cost, job completion time estimate.

Leaks can occur at any time so if you suspect something is happening in your home or place of business please give us a call for a FRESH dose of service from Orange Plumbing Service.