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About two decades ago showerheads offered a satisfying shower but would use a tremendous amount of water. With people turning to eco-friendly solutions, manufacturers have turned their attention to producing water conserving low-flow showerheads. These showerheads provide the same level of satisfaction but use a lot less water.

Showerheads are measured by the number of gallons they deliver per minute which is called their flow. The flow is affected by water pressure hence higher the amount of pressure pushing water through pipes and out of the showerhead, greater is the volume of water forced out.

A good quality low-flow shower will perform the same way in both low and high water pressures. Some showerheads now come with flow restrictors which can be removed to allow a higher pressure of water to get through, enabling you to optimize the flow of water to your liking. While others have restrictors that cannot be manually removed and they work automatically to adjust the water flow.

There are generally two types of showerheads available in the market; stationary type and the handheld one with the flexible pipe. Handheld types tend to be a bit more expensive, but since they are more flexible and versatile, people generally prefer to use these instead of the stationary ones.

Installing a showerhead- If you are thinking about getting a low-flow showerhead service than you would be pleased to know that you don’t have to pay any costs for installation. Every individual is perfectly capable of doing this job by themselves. Installing a showerhead is a straightforward job that does not require a plumber. You can do it by yourself by removing the old showerhead after unscrewing it. Then clean the shower pipe if it has any sealant or pipe tape stuck inside it and finally screw on the new showerhead. All you need to do now is turn the shower on and check if it works with both cold and hot water and you are ready to take a shower.

It is recommended to change your Low-Flow Showerhead once every two years because they are regularly exposed to water and tend to erode faster than other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.