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Orange Plumbing can provide assistance when homeowners are experiencing a number of outdoor plumbing-related problems. These are some of the most common services we provide to our customers:

Downspout drain cleaning-During rain, water collects in the gutters and then flows from downspouts into drains and pipes. These take the water to storm drains or dry wells to get rid of it. It is common for downspout drain to become clogged with leaves, plant roots, dirt, and debris. If water is backing up from your downspout and you can’t find the blockage, give Orange Plumbers a call or schedule an appointment online.

Outdoor leak repair- Sometimes homeowners experience leaks in the sewer and water pipes. This can not only leave a pool of water in your yard, but it can also cause bad odors. Leaks can happen due to the bursting of pipes in the winters, damaged joints or punctures caused by tree roots. If you notice water or sewage pooling near your home, call an Orange professional immediately for emergency service.

Outdoor faucet maintenance- Similar to any other faucets in your home; kitchen, bathroom, utility room faucets, your outdoor faucets can become damaged due to rust or worn washer. They are usually caused by faulty valve stem assembly causing leaks from the handle or the spout. This can cause a lot of damage in your backyard including damaging your plants and increase your water bill. Sometimes its already too late when you notice that the outdoor faucet is leaking and you may try to fix the leak yourself. But in this situation, it is recommended to call a professional for help immediately so he can rectify the problem as soon as possible. Waiting too long or trying to fix the fault yourself may lead to a bigger problem and expensive repair bills.

Orange plumbing and drain professionals are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to handle any outdoor plumbing issue or emergency, call us if you have an issue you can’t fix. We make it a priority to respond to our customers immediately because we know plumbing issues can escalate quickly.