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Pipes rust and deteriorate, when they do it affects the quality of the water you drink and the efficiency of the plumbing system in your home. If you have rusty pipes that need pipe repair, and the problem is not addressed quickly, it will become worse and you’ll end up paying a larger bill for plumbing services as the problem gets worse. At Orange Plumbing Service, it’s our goal to help you save money by handling all plumbing issues. We’ll take care of all the mess, and handle the hassle with insurance that is associated with your plumbing system in your home or business. We will have your piping systems working smoothly in no time guaranteed.

Our Pipe Installation and repair service, give our customers a totally FRESH solution


Signs You Need Pipe Replacement

Pipes are not what you see every day so it’s very likely that you would forget about them. So if you notice anything weird, it is advisable to get a team of experts to take a look at it.

If you have problems with your pipes that are related or similar to these, call us;

Brown or Yellow Water: This kind of discoloration is a result of rust and pipe corrosion.
Brown or Yellow Stains in Sinks & Tubs: Discoloration could stain the plumbing fixtures.
Flakes in Water: Rust can affect your pipes, leading to flakes in the water.
Decreased Water Pressure: This often happens when there is too much hard buildup in the pipes.

Brown and yellow stains are most probably the least appealing thing you would want to see in a bathroom, or even in any other room. So, it is best to fix this problem before a corroded pipe becomes a bigger problem.

If you have piping problems, we’re just a phone call away; we care about providing the best service to our customers. Our team can handle any problem with accurate time-lines Our team is well trained and ready to handle the toughest challenges.

It doesn’t matter the kind of plumbing services that you need in Los Angeles. Orange Plumbing will give you the solution that you need for your home.

Our Pipe Installation and repair service, give our customers a totally FRESH solution


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