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A sump pump is your home’s defense against basement flooding and water damage. It is a critical part of your home’s drainage system because they pump water away from your home’s foundation. When sump pump turns on it removes incoming water and pumps it outside before it can damage your home and personal belongings.
Sometimes your sump pump may not work because it either needs to be repaired or reinstalled. You will know when it has stopped working because there will be a lot of moisture in your basement, even if not flooding. The moisture can cause damage to the walls, floorings, furnishings and the basement itself. It can cause mold or mildew to grow which can eventually lead to respiratory problems.
Orange plumbers are experts in sump pump repairs and maintenance. Here are some signs to watch for to determine if your sump pump needs a repair or needs to be replaced.
• Musty smell in the basement- Because your sump pump is constantly exposed to moisture and water, it is susceptible to mold growth if not cleaned regularly. Cleaning the mold and mildew will get rid of any bad smell in your basement and keep your sump pump working in top condition.
• The float switch is stuck- The float switch is critical to the proper operation of the sump pump. The pump is only activated once it receives the signal from the float switch. There are conditions in which the float switch may not work even if the water level in the sump pit is rising such as when the float switch is damaged or stuck.

• It is making weird noises- Sump pumps are normally quiet when they are functioning properly but if you hear any loud or strange noises at any time, call your local Orange plumber for service. It might be a technical problem which can cause the pump to fail, leaving your home vulnerable to flooding.
• The pump has not worked recently- if your sump pump has not worked since it last rained it means that the unit is not working properly, and it could leave you in a big mess if it rains again.