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Like any other equipment, the best time to replace your sump pump is before it completely fails. So, if you notice any unusual noises or your sump pump isn’t kicking on you can smell any unpleasant odors in your basement, it is time to replace it. The typical lifespan of any sump pump is 10 years, so if it has been that long, then it’s time to get a new one.
Orange plumbers are experts in sump pump maintenance and repairs. A standard pump has 1/3 horsepower which is powerful enough to remove 2200 gallons of water in an hour. The usual kind of pump is submerged in water, but there is another pedestal pump which is slightly different. It has the motor on the stand, a few feet above the water. Only the impeller is immersed in the water in the sump pit. Since the motor is above water, it stays dry and lasts longer.
During storms, your power supply may be cut down without which your sump pump will not operate. So, a backup battery is essential not only during power outages but also if your primary pump breaks down.
Sump pumps are prone to wear and tear with time and will need to be replaced. If you decide to replace the sump pump yourself, it can be a do it yourself job. However, it is best to hire professional help since you will get stuck at one point or another and will not have the equipment required to finish the installation quickly. Call in the experts at Orange Plumbing to assess the situation and give you the best advice. Our professional team can help with repairs or manage water damages that have occurred due to a broken sump pump. We also specialize in new pump installations if you require a new one.