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Installing a toilet is a complicated job and requires the expertise of a professional. We at Orange Plumbing have put together a concise guide on what steps are necessary to install a toilet if you are up for a DIY job yourself.

The first step is to turn off the water supply and ensure there is no water in the tank or the bowl. Next, you will need to disconnect the water pipe from the cistern using a wrench. Keep a towel handy as a small amount of water may spill out at this stage.

Carefully unscrew the bolts on the toilet which are keeping it fixed to the floor. Remove the silicone around the toilet to free it. The last thing to remove is the waste pipe from the back of your toilet to successfully move the toilet. Seal the waste pipe to preventing any unpleasant smells from coming up into your bathroom.

Now that you have removed the old toilet, you can bring in the new one and start attaching it to the floor with bolts. Make sure to fit a new wax ring if your toilet has one, by scraping off the old ring around the soil pipe. If you want to fit new tiles at this stage, then clear the area and tidy it up for an easier installation. Make sure to allow the tiles to set completely before installing the new toilet.

You need to make sure the connections are all secure before your use the new toilet. We must emphasize that you check the manufacturer’s instructions before taking on this project and get expert advice before trying to attempt this job by yourself. It is best to leave this job to the experts like Orange Plumbers who can install a new toilet efficiently and take care of your old toilet by disposing of it correctly. Our team of plumbers is available any time of the day for emergency situations and will respond to your call as soon as possible. They will come down to your house and resolve any kind of plumbing situation you are facing.