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At times, residential and commercial properties get seriously clogged toilets, you should call Orange Plumbing Service for a FRESH dose of great service and unclog your toilets for a great price. The toilet repair services in our Orange Plumbing department, we not only remove horrible clogs but also specialize in the installation of new drains when necessary or requested.

As part of the solution to the problem of a clogged toilet we give our customers a totally FRESH solution and prevent future drain problems from recurring.

Sometimes even in residential cleaning situations more manpower is needed to get the job done. In this situation, we need to call in our backup juice experts with drain cleaning machinery that can range from small hand snakes to big sewer mains.

The device that we use the most would be the drain snake. It’s a device made of flexible piano wire that can clear the sewer or drain by rotating though the pipe cutting though pipe blockage. It does take training to identify which size is need for which blockage. It also takes specialized equipment training and knowledge to get the job done in the most effective way possible to avoiding wasting time and additional damage.