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Trench-less Sewer Repair Call Now : 888.416.7511

Orange Plumbing Service provides some of the best and most qualified technicians for trench-less sewer repair projects in Los Angeles. The good news is that apart from sewerage, they are also professionals in various aspects of plumbing. As such, they will never have problems with the otherwise strict legal requirements of installations and maintenance. Thanks to the latest video inspection tools, damages are assessed with precision, without posing any risk of destruction to your properties, hence swiftness and efficiency.

Inspections using Videos

Thanks to video inspection technology, we don’t need to cause more damage to your properties or facilities. All we need to do is to fix a camera at the earliest convenience in the sewer pipe, and the rest is left to the camera, which will bring a live coverage of the entire system in the line. And with great precision, it will reveal the exact damage area, as well as its distance from the ground.

Do you need your Sewer Fixed?

Because of the complicated nature of sewer leaks and other related conditions that could be affecting your sewer pipes or the entire system altogether, we are just a phone call away! Orange Plumbing & Mechanical is your most trusted friend for video inspections, repairs, new installations and maintenance!

What are the advantages of Trench-less Sewer Repair?

There are many benefits that come with trench-less sewer repair, some of which include:

Stopping leakages
Thwarting root intrusions in the future
Improving general flow
There is no destruction of your property
Works with renewed power as new pipes
Significantly brings down associated costs