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Washing Machine Repair Call Now : 888.416.7511

The Orange Plumbing Company are proud to possess experience and skills to assist with washing machine repair. We carry out hundreds of repairs each week on different brands of washing machines and know which fault occurs more often than others.

Here are some of the common faults that can happen with any washing machine:

  • It won’t start- There can be numerous reasons for a washing machine not to start, such as unbalanced load inside the machine, a faulty sensor, no power reaching the machine, etc.
  • Water not filling the machine-If your washing machine isn’t filling with water, this is a fault that would require troubleshooting by an engineer. Our experts can figure out if the issue is with the washing machine’s hose, filter or pressure chamber and solve the problem for you.
  • The machine does not drain- Sometimes the filters in the washing machine gets clogged up which prevents it from draining properly. It might start overflowing, or you cannot gain access to the clothes inside, this is definitely a job for a professional. Call Orange Plumbing, and our engineers will get to you in the first instance.

A leaking washing machine may seem like a simple annoyance at first, but it can quickly turn into an emergency situation which results in more complex repairs and higher costs. For this reason, it is recommended to get washing machine repair to correct faults promptly and by a trusted appliance repair service.

We at Orange Plumbing offer on-site appliance repairs, services, and maintenance to all of our customers at an affordable price. Our services come with a customer satisfaction guarantee, should anything go wrong with your appliance repair, we will be happy to fix the problem. We at Orange Plumbing believe that our customers should be given prices to match their individual problem, so if your machine is just clogged and you need Washing Machine Repair, you will only be charged for that. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra charges of any kind when you call one of our engineers to fix your machine. For an appliance service, you can trust, look no further than Orange Plumbers.

Orange Plumbing Services offers internally qualified and industry certified technicians in all professional plumbing specializations. We will advise our customers over the phone or in person, how the problem should be corrected. Our local Los Angeles, CA professional plumbers have specialized in drain clogs and can computer trace or physically trace clogged drains directly to the sewer line.

At times, residential and commercial properties get seriously clogged toilets, you should call Orange Plumbing Service for a FRESH dose of great service and unclog your toilets for a great price. The toilet repair services in our Orange Plumbing department, we not only remove horrible clogs but also specialize in the installation of new drains when necessary or requested.