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If you have recently noticed a leak in your water heater, it may need to be replaced. Even a tiny leak can become a much larger issue if the problem is not fixed immediately. Once you have determined your water heater is leaking, you should turn the power off and wait until the experts arrive. If you have an electric heater, simply turn off the electric supply and if you have a gas heater turn the dial to switch it off.

If the leak is substantial, you should turn off the cold-water supply which should slow down the leak. Use extreme caution while using water because it might be quite hot and can cause burns. There are different places from where a leak could be coming. Here are the places to look at;

  • Inlet/Outlet Connections-A plumber will first check the cold-water inlet and hot water outlet pipes which are connected to the water heater. A small leak here will only require tightening of the loose connections whereas a big leak will require serious repairs.
  • T&P valve- A leak in the T&P valve may be due to extreme temperature and pressure build-up inside the tank. The pressure inside the tank will cause T&P valve to open repeatedly causing a leak. A plumber can check if the valve is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  • Heater drain valve- You can check the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank to see if it closes completely or not. Leakage in this valve may be caused by debris or a faulty valve. A professional can determine if it just needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Bottom of hot water tank- Most water heater leaks are from inside of the tank because of wear and tear. The water will come out from the bottom of the water heater has an internal leak. If this is the case, you will need to get a new water heater.

We at Orange Plumbing are experts at assessing and fixing water heater leaks. Our qualified team is here to help you any time of the day.