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The lifespan of your water heater may vary depending on the design of the unit, quality of installation and maintenance schedule. Looking for your water heater will extend its life and increase its efficiency. Here are a few tips to assist you in your water heater maintenance:

  • Check temperature & pressure valve- Both gas and electric heaters have temperature & pressure valves. In the event of the tank becoming over pressurized, the relief valve will open to release the pressure. If the valve fails to work properly, there will be too much build up of pressure inside the tank which can explode.
  • To check the temperature and pressure valve (T&P), you will need to switch off the electric supply and shut off the cold water supply into the tank as well. Place a bucket under the T&P valve and pull the lever, you will see some water or vapor exit the valve. If you don’t see anything, then you will need to drain the tank and replace the valve. Remember to replace this valve every two years
    Flush the tank-
    Residue buildup in the tank can reduce your heater’s efficiency and cause blockage in your water lines. Keep the build-up at bay by flushing the tank every time you check the pressure relief valve.
  • Adjust temperature- Do not keep your water heater’s temperature too high, bring it down and adjust it to 120 degrees. For every 10 degrees of temperature that is lowered, you can expect to save at least 5% on your energy bills. Additionally, if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, then turn your water heater off or bring the thermostat down to its lowest setting.

When you rely on Orange Plumbing services, you can expect a professional service from us. If you are in need of water heater repair, we offer 24-hour emergency service. Our trained team member will come to you as soon as possible and resolve your water heater issue so you can have hot water again quickly.