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The demand for water heater repair in Los Angeles has continually increased especially during winter, a departure from previous trends up to 2013.

If you are wondering which is the right time to get rid of your water heater, rather than keep on repairing, please take note of the following tips:


The absence of Hot Water: because this is not a technical observation, it is the easiest indicator that every person can tell. Although it’s in quite in order to be conscious about time, water and energy usage, to the extent that you don’t spend meaningless time in the shower, and deviation from the normal sustainability of hot water should be noted with concern. You don’t have to subject yourself to cold or lukewarm showers even when the weather is not ‘user-friendly’.

While it has been noted that water heaters may have a lifespan of up to 20 years, there are disparities between electric and gas water heaters. The former can on average go for 10 to 15 years, while the latter may not go beyond 12 years. Of course, depending on quality and level of usage, some may go a little over. If the heater has faithfully rendered its service and is simply aging gracefully, it’s time to allow it to ‘rest in peace’ and replace it with fresh blood! If you are not sure of the year of manufacturing of any given water heater, kindly take a look at its serial number. Four digits will give you both the month and the year, while two digit serial numbers only show the year. For example, ‘1203’ would mean the period of manufacture was in December, 2003, while ‘97’ would mean the unit was simply manufactured in 1997.

If you notice leaks in your water heater: this is usually a big problem, especially in the event you can’t tell exactly where the leakage is. In other words, you could be dealing with a much bigger problem for your home, and if care is not taken, hot water leaks can cause untold and unbearable pain to household members. If it takes this direction, be sure to opt for a replacement instead of repairs. Remember the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’?